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 Nutri@ctive is a nutrition-based organization that focuses on multi-disciplinary nutrition research, advocacy, and promotion of optimal nutrition and health practices among youth, women groups, and adults.


Established in 2014 as are search group of post graduate and undergraduate nutrition students from the University of Zimbabwe. The group shared a vision in providing sustainable solutions to local population groups and eradicate malnutrition among Zimbabwe an families.


Nutri@ctive consists of an interdisciplinary team of Nutrition Scientists, Midwives, Social Workers, Pharmacists, and Agronomists that guide programme implementation and foster multi disciplinary research and implementation work.


The multidisciplinary teams also provide evaluation consulting services for nutrition-related programme design, evaluation, and monitoring.



Our vision is to provide sustainable solutions to local health and nutrition problems in resource-limited communities.



To stimulate young health professionals to take a leading role in combating nutritional concerns.

Affecting resource-limited communities through translation a nutrition research, community-based implementation projects, advocacy, and mobilization for nutrition and health services.



  1. To create a platform for multi-disciplinary research and stimulate local scientists to take leading roles in combating nutritional concerns affecting resource-limited communities
  2. To promote sustainable nutrition-related public health solutions in local communities through advocacy, mobilization of young people, and use of Information and Communications Technology platforms
  3. To act as consultants to organizations implementing nutrition programmes and nutrition-related projects providing impact assessment and evaluation services
  4. To develop quality implementation science frameworks to improve practice and evaluation of nutrition interventions in Zimbabwe
  5. Toencouragementorshipofyoungnutritionprofessionalsandstudentsinresearchandnutritionimplementationsciencethroughon-jobmentoring,internships,universityandprofessionalexchange programmes


Programming Areas

Nutri@ctive conducts various programmes, projects, and initiatives at national level in Zimbabwe working in communities and workplaces and some of the work is conducted through social media platforms.

  1. Promotion of Maternal, Infant, Young Child and Adolescent Nutrition

Nutri@ctive conducts infant and young child nutrition (IYCN) work, focusing on the promotion of optimal breastfeeding and I YCF practices, training of young health professionals in IYCF, behavior change communication for IYCF targeting women, the youth, and other community groups. The organization has developed innovative approaches to communicate nutrition issues specifically for resource-limited countries.

Nutri@ctive promotes MIYCAN through various SBCC strategies utilizing;

  • Information Communication Technologies (ICTs)- Breastfeeding 2ose together(B22)project, cloud baby webpage, social media campaigns
  • Mass Media-short films, radio, and TV
  1. Mentorship of young nutrition and health professionals and students

Mentorship is at the heart of Nutri@ctive to ensure expertise and knowledge are passed on to future generations of nutrition professionals. This way the organizational ways has young blood full of ideas and energy to design innovative initiatives. Training on IYCF, WHO Code, BFHI, research methods, grant, and manuscript writing is conducted for nutrition students, young health, and nutrition professionals. Renowned scientists and International mentors take part in mentorship through college guest lectures arranged by Nutri@ctive and project internships.


  1. Maternal, Newborn, Infant and Young Child Health (MNCH) and Nutrition

Nutri@ctive has developed a comprehensive approach to improve maternal and adolescent nutrition. The focus on adolescent girls and young mothers ensures young women have knowledge and access to nutrition and health services promoted through community education initiatives, use of social media, and other channels of communication by Nutri@ctive and its partners.


  1. Nutrition Wellness Workplace Programme

Resource-limited countries continue to experience double burden malnutrition and studies are showing an increase in non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as a result of various factors, among them sedentary working conditions. Nutri@ctive provides consultancy in health and wellness workplace-based programmes designed to provide nutrition and wellness life style support. In the past Nutri@ctive has provided its services to POSB (a local bank in Zimbabwe), Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, and First Mutual Life. Through the B22 project, Nutri@ctive with other partners assist companies in establishing work place lactation services to support breastfeeding working women


  1. Nutrition Research Forum

As a research-oriented organization, Nutri@ctive hosts the Nutrition Research Forum once a quarter where Nutri@ctive members, nutrition and health professionals, and students discuss contemporary nutrition issues. Members with on going research present their work and get input from colleagues and mentors.


  1. Nutrition Consultancy

Nutri@ctive offers consulting services in project planning, monitoring, evaluation, and learning. The organization mainly focuses on health and nutrition research, project monitoring and evaluation, and nutrition implementation science.


 Key achievement of Nutri@active

Received an International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) Appreciation Award as a Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition(MIYCN)Championatthe9thIBFANAfricaRegionalConference;2 February2016Kampala, Uganda.


Partnerships and Collaborations

Nutri@ctive values smart key partnerships among various multidisciplinary professionals, international and local agencies o ensure efficient delivery of services.


1.      International Baby Food Action Network(IBFAN)Africa

Nutri@ctive is the IBFAN AFRICA lead-country group for Zimbabwe. IBFAN is an international network of country groups that aims to protect, support, and promote breastfeeding and appropriate infant and young child feeding practices to ensure optimal infant nutrition and contribute to an overall reduction of infant morbidity and mortality.

2.      Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC)

Nutri@ctive works closely with the Ministry of Health and Child Care through the National Nutrition Department on various nutrition initiatives.

3. Zimbabwe Civil Society Organizations for Scaling Up Nutrition Alliance (ZCSOSUNA)

Nutri@ctive is a member of the Alliance for CSOs scaling Up Nutrition in Zimbabwe. It collaborates with other community-based CSOs based in rural communities as its primary focus of implementation is a ta national level and urban Harare.

4.      Private Companies and Organizations

Nutri@ctive provides nutrition wellness services to private companies, nutrition programme evaluation, and research. In the past Nutri@ctive has worked with POSB, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, JIMAT Consultants, First Mutual Life, and Lafarge Cement.


Contact our team

Dexter Chagwena
Dexter Chagwena
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Dexter is a Nutritionist, with experience in breastfeeding issues in his country, Africa and the International arena. In 2014 heled a youth group to spearhead breastfeeding activities at country level and managed to change a lot of things in the breastfeeding community. They now utilize modern communication methods, integrate breastfeeding education with fun activities such as music, hackathons and dance. Parliament was convinced to invest in a lactation room when the country’s economy was in shambles. The way the  government and partners invest in breastfeeding activities was successfully changed, focusing on social media, internet-based activities and community platforms away from clinics.


In 2016 he joined the IBFAN Africa Board of Directors as a Youth Representative, and acquired huge experience in governance of breastfeeding organizations. He is currently a Nutrition Consultant for the Ministry of Health. In August 2020 Dexter led a group of 80Africans to the International Lactation Association (ILCA) Conference.  It was the first time ever in ILCA history to have such a huge Africa presence.


Dexter understands policy and contemporary breastfeeding issues relating to Africa, and his goal is to see breastfeeding becoming a cornerstone of health and societal development in Africa once again.

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96 Golden Stairs,
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Harare, Zimbabwe

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