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Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Development Centre (NUDEC) is a non-governmental, non-political and not-for-profit organization registered in Tanzania on 10th October 2008, registration No.00NGO/00002563.. To avoid conflict of interest, NUDEC became active from 2015 when most of its founding members resigned from active nutrition and health activities in other organizations.


The changes made Under the Government of Tanzania, “Act Supplement No 9 of the 30th June 2019”, did not affect the registration of NUDEC as an NGO

To become a model of excellence for Tanzania, that provides high quality and evidence based health, nutrition, research and consultancy services to Tanzanians



“To provide quality health and nutrition, education, advocacy, training, counselling, consultancy and research services to individuals, communities, institutions and the public aimed at contributing towards improving the quality of life of the Tanzanian population with special focus on children, youth, women and other vulnerable groups”.



  • Good governance
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Effective and efficiency delivery of quality service/products.
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Equity

Priority areas of work

  • Child and maternal health and Nutrition
  • Capacity building including development of curricula and training materials
  • Community engagement including social mobilization and behaviour change communication
  • Consultancy work
  • Research especially for generating evidence that is used to inform policies and practice.
  • Non-communicable chronic diseases.
  • Food security
  • Product development
  • Health systems strengthening
  • Finance & resource mobilization

Team members

NUDEC has a mix of experts qualified in medicine, human nutrition, sociology, home economics, food science, food production and processing leadership, management, biostatistics, accounting, counseling and planning. These individuals have many years of experience; in program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, conducting research and evaluations, capacity building, training development of training and educational materials, mentoring, counseling (HIV and AIDS, nutrition, health lifestyles, and related issues), startup of community based programs, provision of technical assistance at all levels. Some team and have worked as civil servant as well as leaders in both national and international NGOs and UN agencies.


Capability Statement:

The team members individual and combined expertise and capabilities enable NUDEC to engage in among the following priority areas: program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation with a special focus on child and maternal health and Nutrition; HIV/AIDS/TB; capacity building including development of curricula, training and educational materials, community engagement including social mobilization and behaviour change communication and counseling particularly in HIV and AIDS, nutrition, health lifestyles and non-communicable chronic diseases, food security, product development, health systems strengthening carrying consultancies (operations research and program evaluations), Finance and resource mobilization.


The members have extensive knowledge of the prevailing health, nutrition, national development priorities and working with government structures at all levels in Tanzania, through their many years of working as Senior Management members of the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre. They were involved in designing the existing national programs and policies and in advocacy and conception of Regional/District Nutrition posts. They have also been engaged as members of National Multi-sectoral Committees in Food and Nutrition and HIV and AIDS Technical working groups. Some members have hands on experience in designing National Behavior Change Communication Initiatives for example: World Breastfeeding Campaigns based on internationally adapted themes, the ANGAZA Social Marketing Campaign implemented in three phase to encourage Tanzania undergo HIV testing.


 Some of the activities undertaken by NUDEC team members

  • Nutrition and Health Coordination in the refugee camps of Western Tanzania (Ngara and Kigoma (UNICEF)
  • Adaptation of the WHO training curriculum and manuals on Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF), in the context of Botswana HIV/PMTCT and conducting Training of Trainers
  • (UNICEF)
  • Human Resources for Health-District Health Systems strengthening (Intra health international/USAID)
  • Assessment of Nutritional Status of Under-five Children in Simiyu Region (AMREF Health/CIDA)
  • Development of Business Case for a new DFID funded nutrition Program in Tanzania (ASTUTE)-with International Consultants (PATH/DFID)
  • Undertake Health and Nutrition baseline survey in 30 villages of Songea district (CONSENUTH)
  • Institutional Capacity Development:  Development of in-service training packages and
  • Distance Education Strategy for MoHSW (ITECH/MoHSW)
  • Strengthening Social Accountability and Oversight Capacity for Rights-based Public Resources Management in Health and Agriculture in Southern Africa (Action Aid International/SADC)
  • Review of Existing in-service training packages for frontline heath workers in Tanzania (ECSA Health Secretariat)
  • Participated in the Documentation of the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) Empower project
  • Participated in the development of the NMNAP
  • Active member of the National Mother, Infant, Young Child and Adolescent Nutrition (MIYCAN)
  • Member and Board Member of the Tanzania Non Communicable Diseases Alliance (TANCDA)

Consultancies undertaken by NUDEC:

  • Participated in writing the RMOs and DMOs annual conference report
  • Conducted a gender study on Harnessing Agriculture and Nutrition Outcomes in Lindi and Mtwara supported by Save the Children Fund;
  • Participated in the providing technical advice in revising the National Comprehensive Guidelines for HIV  testing and counselling (2013 in line with new WHO  2015 HTS recommendations). Supported by the National AIDS Control Programme/JHPIEGO
  • Conducted an End Term Evaluation for community engagement service management project in Simiyu  supported by  Amref Health Africa
  • Adoption of WIFAs training manuals and slides for Tanzania supported by Amref Health Africa;
  • Participated in the development of nutrition package for frontline workers for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania for pre and in-service training, supported by ECSA;
  • Conducted an Evaluation of the In-service Nutrition Training Program (IST) in Tanzania in collaboration with JIMAT Zimbabwe with financial support from UNICEF.
  • Developed the National Micronutrient Prevention and Control Guidelines for Tanzania supported by Nutrition International (NI).
  • Participate in the development of the Dar es Salaam Regional Annual Nutrition Plan
  • Developed the National Bio-fortification Guidelines.
  • Reviewed the Health Policy to address NCDs risk factors including nutrition.


Contact our team

Hilda Missano
Hilda Missano
Executive Director
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Hilda is the Founding Member and Executive Director of Nutrition, Health and Development Centre (NUDEC). She has also been the Training Director of I-TECH Tanzania, Director of Nutrition Education and Training TFNC and Principal Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute (MATI) Morogoro. Tanzania


She has a wealth of experience in nutrition and health service delivery, policy development and review, training and has been involved in training activities at different levels for over 40 years; as a trainer, training facilitation, training packages development and training needs assessments and evaluations.


Hilda has been Involved in Infant and Young Child Feeding issues since the 1990s; participated in the development and review of the Tanzania National Regulation on the Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes and Designated Product passed in 1994 and reviewed version of 2013.She leads the development of the National Strategy on Infant and Young Child Nutrition and its five years Implementation Plan. She was the National Coordinator of Infant and Young Child Nutrition from 1996 to 2009 and presently is a member of the Maternal, Infant, Young Child and Adolescent (MIYCAN) Technical Group.  She is also a member of the Tanzania Non Communicable Disease Alliance, IBFAN and WABA


Hilda is the holder of a BSc Nutrition degree and Post Graduate Training in Food Science and Community Development. She has training in Breastfeeding and Lactation Management, Infant Feeding in the Context of HIV/AIDs, Infant Feeding in Emergency, Code training and on Training Facilitation and Management. She is also trained in Leadership and Management and Financial Management

Mary Victor Kibona
Program Manager IYCN
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Mary Kibona is experienced in training facilitation and coordination, development of training and education materials in nutrition, participated in development and review of policy, and in conducting surveys and project assessments. She conducted training of trainers (TOT) as well as national level master trainers on infant and young child feeding, code monitoring, maternity protection, and BFHI assessments at different levels. She has lead the organization of World Breasting celebrations at different levels from 2000 to 2020, and has been a National BFHI Assessor since 1998.  She also participated in the development of the Tanzania National Policy Guidelines on infant feeding for health care providers, Assessment of National Infant and Young Child Feeding practices, policies and program and has been a member of the Maternal, Infant, Young Child and Adolescent (MIYCAN) Technical Group till 2020.


Mary is currently a member of Nutrition, Health and Development Centre (NUDEC) and leads the Infant and Young Child Nutrition program. She has held the posts of Nutrition Training Officer and a Research Officer dealing with nutrition training and education at TFNC. Served at the Ministry of Agriculture as a Project Officer of Joint Nutrition Support Program (JNSP) in Iringa Tanzania.


Academic qualification includes Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition and a Diploma in Agriculture and Human Nutrition. Has training in Breastfeeding and Lactation Management, Master trainer on Infant and young child Feeding in the Context of HIV/AIDs, and Code training. Also trained on Baby Friendly Health Initiative (BFHI) monitoring and assessment

Physical address

Plot No. 568, Mindu Street Upanga West Muhimbili Area.
P. O Box 12861,Dar es Salaam

Telephone No

+255 713 299 347

WhatsApp/Mobile No

+255 713 299 347

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