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The International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) (Uganda) Foundation Ltd is a Network of civil society organisations, individuals and institutions involved in the health and nutrition of mothers, new-born babies, children and adolescents. The Network was first incorporated by the Registrar of Companies in June 2006.

IBFAN Uganda was first registered by the National Board for Non-Governmental Organisations in June 2008. IBFAN Uganda is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with a Secretariat in Uganda. It will remain an independent, non-partisan, non-political, non-governmental and non-profit making Coalition. IBFAN Uganda implements a multisectoral assistance programme for women and children in Uganda in partnership with United Nations organisations, intergovernmental bodies, human rights institutions, international NGOs and Office of the Prime Minister.

The IBFAN team has recognized technical expertise in a number of issue-specific areas prevention of obesity; infant feeding in emergencies; infant feeding and HIV/AIDS; complementary feeding; as well as in policy, capacity building, strategy and cross-cutting areas.


Our Beliefs

IBFAN believes that breast milk is the only good food for the baby. Any factor situation which interferes with the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding is a threat to the baby and should be addressed. HIV/AIDS is one such factor which has hampered efforts to promote and support breastfeeding, due to the fact that breast milk can transmit HIV to the infant..


Our Membership

Our membership and strategic priorities are shaped through member meetings. Each year, we hold an Annual Members Meeting (AMM) to take stock of the work done in the previous year. The AMM takes place in December every year. Through this meeting, we are able to plan, learn from our previous experiences, strategize and plan for next steps.


Our Values

Our values guide the way we work and the nature of services we deliver to our clients

IBFAN UGANDA Key Result Areas

  • Baby-Friendly Health Services
  • PMTCT and Paediatric HIV-Related Care
  • Policies and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Operational Research
  • Breastfeeding and HIV
  • Advocacy
  • Health Care Practices
  • Women and Work
  • Capacity Building
  • Regulations on marketing of infant foods regulations


Contact our team

Ms. Barbara Nalubanga
Executive Director, IBFAN Uganda
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Barbara Nalubanga is the Executive Director of IBFAN Uganda and also the technical advisor IBFAN Africa. I have worked in the area of Infant and Young Child Feeding since 2001. I have loved walking this journey and I am so passionate about breast feeding specifically. I have four children and two grandchildren who have optimally breastfed. As a nutritionist, my work is focused on ensuring that every child is well nourished and attains full potential in terms of survival, growth and development. I have dedicated my time to research, mentoring and advocacy related to maternal, infant, young children, and adolescent nutrition.

Ms. Rachel Alweny
Program Officer, IBFAN Uganda
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Rachel Alweny is the program officer at IBFAN Uganda. Her entry into public health exposed her to the need to save both mothers and babies in her own way. Her passion is educating, and through the number of researches she has been involved, her focus is how women of the reproductive age can make the right choices about both maternal and infant feeding.She has experience in implementing community programs in maternal, infant, young child and adolescent health and nutrition programsincluding participation in the development of various education and communication materials

Mr. John Musisi
Program Consultant, IBFAN Uganda
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John is a dedicated individual who has embraced the vision of providing professional guidance through team work for sustainable human development, and exploiting his abilities in planning and implementation of social development programmes. John has a passion for working with young people and highly participated in the process of advocacy, design and implementation of Youth related programmes as a way of increasing participation of communities in issues related to maternal, child and adolescent health, nutrition and social development

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Ntinda Kisaasi Road.
P.O. Box 27694, Kampala UGANDA

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